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Atacames, Ecuador

Evangelistic Meeting


The trip to Atacames, Ecuador was in two stages. The first stage was to help preach the gospel to a group of parents of children involved with weekly Christian meetings for young people. They wanted to know more about God! We shared the Gospel and had many pray to receive Jesus. By the end of that phase, we had 13 receive water baptism and we had hope for a new church to come out of those meetings. On the last day of our meetings, the Ecuadorian government put the country in “lock down” for their concern about some demonstrations, so we were forced to return to the US and came back to Ecuador 3 months later to participate in the second phase of the trip. We were invited to speak at the national meeting of the Church of God of Prophecy pastors conference for Ecuador. They had not had a national meeting since the Covid restrictions and they were happy to get together with other pastors to hear the Word. We shared about God’s Spirit being poured out in the coming days and the ministers received the message as encouragement. We spoke in some churches after the conference and people were blessed as we saw many pray to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and receive healings from the Lord.