Jim Thompson

Jim was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas into a military family that traveled until he was seventeen years old. At that time, his father retired and they moved to the Atlanta, Georgia area where he attended Georgia Tech and received a degree in management. Forty four years later, God sent Jim to seminary at Regent University where he received a master’s degree in “Practical Theology”. Out of that experience, Jim began to write books and has written five books translated into Spanish and Telugu (a language in India) to encourage and help train leaders in the church.

Jim attended churches from the time he was four years old, but was not born again until he was twenty seven years old. At that time, God began to develop Jim in the Gospel and he felt he had a call to minister to others who needed more of Jesus. After growing in the Lord for a few years, God inspired Jim to pray for forty nations every day. After some time, God began to open doors to some of the nations and sent Jim and Leslie to encourage the church and help lead people to Jesus.Jim was working in local churches in leadership roles until 1991 when the Lord had him leave those commitments and start a business to support the mission ministry call on Jim and Leslie’s life. Both Leslie and Jim worked in the business(es) as the Lord provided for both family expenses and mission ministry costs through those businesses.

After years of going to different nations on “mission trips”, the Lord assigned more long term mission commitments to Albania and eventually India. Helping to plant a church in Albania and training the leaders of that church prepared Jim and Leslie for the next assignment to help the churches in India. After twenty five years of ministering the Gospel to unbelievers, orphans, and church leaders in India, the government revoked Jim’s visa and “kicked him out” for at least ten years because he had participated in sharing the Gospel in that nation. After hundreds of thousands of people were born again, hundreds of thousands of people healed, and thousands of pastors and leaders trained in conferences, Jim and Leslie had to look to the Lord for His plan for what they should do next.

After a time of prayer, the Lord told Jim to “look to the South” and He began to open the doors to South America for Jim and Leslie to minister the message of the Gospel of Jesus. There were many trips with many people responding to the Gospel message both in and out of the church in Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. God has given the message through Jim and Leslie that the Holy Spirit is coming in a special way and to get prepared to disciple new converts that will be coming into the kingdom.

As Jim and Leslie continue to travel to South America to fulfill the ministry the Lord has given them, they are seeing the Lord’s promise for the Holy Spirit’s special move to come to pass. Only God knows what the future may bring, but we are committed to Him and will be happy to go wherever He sends us so that we may glorify Him.

Leslie Thompson

Leslie was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She studied and received her Undergraduate, Masters, and EDS degrees from Georgia State University. She married Jim Thompson in 1973 and worked in school systems in both Georgia and Tennessee as a School Psychologist.

Leslie was born again as a teenager, but never grew in the Lord much until she moved with Jim to the Nashville, Tennessee area as an adult. Both Jim and Leslie experienced God’s moving in middle Tennessee with the Charismatic/Word of Faith outpouring of the Holy Spirit in those days. They began to sense that God had a mission call on their lives and He began to open doors for them to minister in other nations.

Leslie began to recognize the Lord’s prophetic teaching gift in her life and spent time with the Lord growing in her gift. She and Jim began to travel to other nations as the Lord opened the doors for them to encourage and teach in many nations. Leslie spends time with the Lord in prayer and fellowship as He shows her his heart for the Body of Christ these days. She prophetically teaches in her local church as well as in the nations God where God sends her. The Lord uses her in her gifts to give a “now Word” from Him.

Leslie and Jim have a son named Ben Israel, daughter-in-law named Abby and a grandson named Josiah Samuel.