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Riohacha, Colombia

Evangelistic Meeting & Pastor’s Conference


The trip to Riohacha and Cartagena was a trip with pastor’s conferences, church meetings, outreach to the Wayuu community (natives), and ministry trip to an island in the Bay of Cartagena. The conferences were good as the pastors caught the vision of God’s Spirit outpouring in Colombia. In Riohacha, we had 42 Venezuelan pastors attend as we were able to provide transportation to the conference for them.Those Venezuelan pastors were teary eyed as the Colombian pastors stood and welcomed them with applause when they finally got to the meeting after many difficulties on the way. In Cartagena, a former Mayor gave Jim a Key to the City of Cartagena as a gesture honoring the trip. We came to bless the pastors and people with God’s Word and they were very receptive to that.