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Quito, Ecuador

Evangelistic Meeting & Pastor’s Conference


In February, 2023, we went to Quito on a trip to share the Gospel. We worked with Pastor Patricio and sponsored a pastor’s conference as well as shared the gospel in churches, on the street, and attempted to share in a prison.

The pastor’s conference was well attended and we felt there was a unity in the spirit with the pastors that attended. Some pastors have been concerned about attending a meeting that offers a meal and a book to the attendees because they are concerned that it might be a political gathering, but once they got there, they found out it was nothing about politics and all about JESUS! We believe the leaders were encouraged and blessed by the Lord as many responded with that report.

As we went to churches that had us speak at their meetings, the message of the Lord was still encouraging to the people. The Holy Spirit was saying that He was about to bring an outpouring that would bless the nation.

One of the days, we went to the “equator” and prayed for the Lord’s outpouring on both the northern and southern hemispheres. We even sat with one foot in the northern hemisphere and one foot in the southern hemisphere as we prayed. It was a blessing to do so.

One day we were scheduled to speak in a penitentiary and as were stood to speak at the microphone, a riot broke out in another building where three men were killed. The prison officials took us out of the facility for security’s sake. We are trying to return to that prison and add more prisons to the visiting list for a future trip so we can share the Gospel with those incarcerated who need the “good news”.

After the prison trip, we went to the town square and shared the Gospel message with the vendors and people in the square. We prayed for many who were sick and had about 15 pray to receive Jesus before the day was over.