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Cucuta, Colombia

Evangelistic Meeting & Pastor’s Conference

April/May 2023

In April we arrived in Cucuta, Colombia, and sponsored a pastors conference with about 550-600 in attendance. The Lord gave a message of unity to the leaders and we had a good response from the attendees. We had around 200 leaders come from Venezuela to the conference and they were very positive about the conference as well.

In addition to the conference, we ministered in a number of churches of varying sizes, but the Lord was speaking a message of hope and expectation for the current and future outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Colombia and South America. We shared a message on a Christian TV program as well as shared the Gospel message at a High School to all of the students over fourteen years old. By the end of the trip, we had prayed with around 300 to receive Jesus, 1500 to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, and many, many people to be healed of sickness and diseases. We believe God had already started His outpouring in Colombia and look forward to His increase in the days to come.